Get Paid To Use HPF Internet searches

This Month (August 2008)
I have been paid 102 pounds. (AT least)
Since I joined in June 2008.
I reached minimum payout of 20 pounds in July 2008.


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++ IE and Mozilla Firefox no repetitive searching or anything which could be construed by them.
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>> What 's Happeness <<

Well known search providers such as,, and Windows, advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results. to become Homepages Friends they have a big paid searches and cashback services (like their existing eBay cashback). Up to now they have famous databaseresults are taken form their search provider results and the results are much better.

Homepages has Experted and partnered with leading Internet searches! to reward new users and ongoing. loyalty by paying out a large portion of this advertising revenue when the search is made through one of our boxes. By combining all this search traffic we are able to negotiate a stronger deal with Yahoo! and they are passing up to 67.5% of this revenue back to you.
They also mention cashback shopping in fact they are giving 50% of eBay’s revenue on winning bids already.


Earning From Your Friends is a great way for you to earn funds from your own internet searching! You can earn even more if you tell your friends and they raise funds in the same way. You will earn from your friends 3 level (It same database)



Do You Need A Certain Browser?

The service currently works on Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 ( IE7) or more and Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you do not have the supported browsers and if you wish to update your browser you can download versions as follows.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Mozilla Firefox



The Easily 5 steps are Start Earning

Step 1. Join and Register details click link or picture below

Then you can along a few pages and fill easy detail for earned.

In below this page you will see "That's It"

IMPORTANT: You will note all detail on Notepad in your computer or write in use paper.

Step 2. Login your account with url

(XXXXXX = Your Homepages Friends ID)

Step 3. Add to favourites, home page, or browser search bar
You can go to this URL from any computer.
(XXXXXX = Your Homepages Friends ID)
Then you will set your search box follow Instruction on your this page.

Step 4. Start searching in your search box (2 ways)
4.1 At search box will be apparent your name in IE 7 or Mozilla Firefox

4.2 At search box in your webpage. You can go to this URL
(XXXXXX = Your Homepages Friends ID)
You can search in this box form your webpage

Step 5. Make money and check your account earn you can tell your friends by automatical tool from your or post on webboard or anytingelse did you can do Follow this your link affiliate is
(XXXXXX = Your Homepages Friends ID)

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And see more detail please click link below
Free download and update browser